The midi skirt is the challenge of all time in the fashion industry . It gives our figure the look of a Hitchcock heroine Especially when behind the fabric hides the memories of the 40’s Gabrielle Chanel who was cutting her skirts in jersey so that the calf appears, subtly hiding knees and thighs. We still had never worn such a feminine thing ,  assumed and elegant.


But how to wear this skirt without looking Like my grandmother Nana ?

First of All we leave behind us the version of the 50’s :  The midi skirt of the 2016  is more for fashionistas, those who are not afraid to wear sandals with socks : they are mixing midi skirt with a sweater during the  day and with a cropped top, at night.


Personnaly , i like mixing styles and trends . I always find myself wearing a  midi skirt with sweater or silk shirt with sneekers , heels , sandals , flats .

The trend is when we wear it  as we want .tumblr_mt34cpvdv31rto60ko1_1280


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