I like Casual , simple style when you can where pretty much everything you want , mix colors , wear fluffy pants and nice shoes . And for that i wanted to share with you one of the most comfy and fashionable styles that i ususally wear at school, shopping even a usual hang out with friends .

But before i start telling you about the outfit we need to check some things first :

Outfit Photos : Check

Description : it will come up eventually

Mood : Happy casual check

Here’s few photos , different expressions same outfit ===)




  • Shirt : HandM
  • Pants : Tommy
  • Bag : Michael kors
  • Shoes : Ardene IMG_6822.JPG

The best is yet to come , i was kind of keeping this photo for myself but i know that blogging is about showing all aspects of your life and that includes bad and not very glamourous photos So ENJOY this one IMG_6777.JPG

PS : i spent half an hour trying to get out of my way so i can shoot my photos


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xoxo fashion people



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