Je Reviens

Je vous reviens après plus de 6 mois , et oui j’étais un peu occupée : entre m’installer à Montréal et me trouver un job et bien c’était un peu difficile de continuer à écrire . Maintenant j’ai pensé à vous raconter ce qui m’est arrivé récemment parce que ça m’a vraiment manqué d’écrire .

Ca fait quelques mois que je vis dans la belle ville de Montréal , je me suis trouvée un travail dans Le groupe ALDO , un truc dans la mode comme je le voulais mais au milieu de tout ça j’ai senti que j’avais perdu une passion ; j’avais laissé quelque chose en cours de route et c’est pour ça que je ne me sens plus pareil . Mes premiers pas vers une carrière , le fait d’être concentrée sur une seule chose ça prend tellement d’énergie . J’ai perdu le goût des choses même les plus simples , mais  en fait j’avais juste envie de retourner à mon blog …

Je regarde autour de moi et je vois qu’il y’a tellement de blogueurs maintenant , mode , fitness , entreprenariat c’est vraiment les stars du demain , personne ne regarde les infos c’est devenu Youtube , instagram , facebook , pinterest … mais ils ont une seule chose en commun , UNE PASSION nous on voit que de belles photos , mais derrière c’est un gros travail , une dedication !! je vous en parle parce que c’est ce que je faisais et un jour j’ai décidé d’arrêter .

Maintenant je vous reviens …




When you don’t have anything to do on a sunday afternoon , as a fashion blogger , you just grab your camera  , call you friends and just go for a photoshoot !!

I had a hard time deciding what i should wear because let’s face it for a girl it’s the main issue : And i tried to look fashionable , classy but in something confortable at the same time so This is my Outfit for The sunday




HandM shirt and Shoe

forever 21 pants

Trishna Necklace img_7433img_7438img_7439


I hope That you Guys liked This Outfit from last minute , and i think that’s the point of being a blogger , you can choose to wear whatever you want even if it’s a PJ’s ( I’m kidding of course )

xoxo Fashion people


INSTAGRAM … my Favorite Social media , simply because i can always catch the trend , a beautiful accessory , Nice fashion pics , From street style to an #OOTD it’s just heaven for all fashionistas .  So if you want to follow the most influent fashion instagrams just keep reading …

And here we GO !!










I hope that you guys liked My Instagram Favorites for 2016

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NYFW my favorite event of of the year , i can’t tell you how much i am excited to share with you my opinion on the designs , street styles , celebrity style everything … So let’s get started :

Favorite runway : DEFINITELY REEM ACRA

This designer has a good feminine vision , and knows how to create the perfect silhouette ,this year on NYFW she really stood out

Next Favorite Runway : VERA WANG

I really love this designer , she have a minimalistic vision and can put together a unique collection using one color . SIMPLY ELEGANT b43848391e476bd6d9b2e4b25fe6f957vera-wang-2016-fall-winter-runway02

Vera Wang RTW Fall 2016
Vera Wang RTW Fall 2016

NOW MY FAVORITE PART !!! street style

WHY ? it’s simply because it’s exciting for me to discover how people dressed and they opinion about outfits and Fashion . And  you can find out that street fashion during this kind of event depends on the personnality of the  Bloggers , or fashion journalists but also how fashion affects their way of dressing and thinking…

without wainting here’s my Favorite Street Looks for the NYFW of 2016


Minimalist Mood

I was looking for the perfect Outfit for this minimalistic Moody Outfit and i found It :


I combined My OAK dress and shirt with my leather jacket and New balance sneekers /




I went with my chinese friend Katherine to downtown Sarnia Ontario  where we had a nice dinner and a lot of Blog photos , she took her time with me and i finally got My perfect shot Ups-n-Downs1

UP’S ans Down’s  Place


Back to Fashion   ====)

Black and white mood CHECK

Perfect spot CHECK

Black background CHECK


The reason why i chose this Minimalistic outfit , is because i found it very simple and wearable , of course it’s fashionable also but it’s definitly an effortless style .


PS : Photograph and dear friend Katherine Real




I like Casual , simple style when you can where pretty much everything you want , mix colors , wear fluffy pants and nice shoes . And for that i wanted to share with you one of the most comfy and fashionable styles that i ususally wear at school, shopping even a usual hang out with friends .

But before i start telling you about the outfit we need to check some things first :

Outfit Photos : Check

Description : it will come up eventually

Mood : Happy casual check

Here’s few photos , different expressions same outfit ===)




  • Shirt : HandM
  • Pants : Tommy
  • Bag : Michael kors
  • Shoes : Ardene IMG_6822.JPG

The best is yet to come , i was kind of keeping this photo for myself but i know that blogging is about showing all aspects of your life and that includes bad and not very glamourous photos So ENJOY this one IMG_6777.JPG

PS : i spent half an hour trying to get out of my way so i can shoot my photos


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FASHION back to school Mood

For my back to school Mood , i tried to recreate something original using accessories and nice colors . Of course back to school should be serious , but i added a personnal touch . I don’t like blue that much but it really reminds me of school like pens , and suitcases all that stuff weird huh ?


So for that i put a Fluffy Dark blue pants and an american eagle sweater .


For My accessories : Sunglasses from an amazing online store just click and see ,

and my rings are from Ardene


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See you later for more Moody fashion outfits

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